HMR – Core Overload

I’ve now completed the 12 weeks of the HMR “core program”.  I will be continuing on into the “ongoing” program, which operationally is just like what I completed – the only difference is the class content.  I will be continuing with my 3 shakes/2 entrees meal plan (averaging about 1100 calories a day) and continuing doing my exercise.  

Over the 12 weeks of core I lost 54 pounds (by the way HMR does math).  The only real complaint I have was that towards the end of the program I hit a two week plateau.  At two weigh-ins in a row I had lost 0 pounds.  This may or may not have been related to the cold I had, but it was very frustrating and I do feel like I didn’t get a lot of support during that time.  It’s very frustrating to do everything like you’re supposed to and see no results.  Also, the plateau means that I didn’t make my hope for an average of 5lb/week during core, but 4.5 isn’t too bad.
Our class, that had about 15 people in it, lost 359 pounds total.  Since I only represented about 6% of the class, but 15% of the weight loss, I assume that I lost more than some people.  They wouldn’t say who lost how much however – it’s not a competition.  (Yeah, right.)
On the exercise front things are improving.  I started off doing no exercise, then 30 minutes of cardio 3 times a week, then 35 minutes, then 45 minutes.  Now it’s 45 minutes 4 times a week and soon to be 5.  I also have started working with a personal trainer for strength training, flexibility, and stability.  My stated goal is to start riding a bike soon – then I’ll be working on getting good enough to ride to and from work.    

HMR update – week 8

Yeah, I know, it’s been a while.  So here’s an update on where things stand.  I’ve now completed 8 weeks on the HMR program.  Here’s where I’m at:
  • The official “on plan” weight loss is 49 pounds.  That’s a bit more than 6 pounds a week.
  • This week, while I was sick, it was a 10 pound loss.  Last week, when I was on vacation, it was a 6 pound loss.
  • The left most number on my scale has changed from a 4 to a 3.
All three of these things are pretty good news.  The diet has been very successful so far.

I’m not really seeing HUGE physical changes yet.  My pants are getting kind of loose and I definitely need to add some holes to my belt. I think my man boobs are shrinking.  Hopefully this weekend I’m going to be digging out some of my older slacks and seeing if they fit enough to be wearable.  I miss my brown corduroys.    
Other than that, I’m about 25% of the way to my goal.  That’s worth celebrating, I think.

Road trips and technology

I returned last week from a road trip to Palm Springs.  This road trip was the first chance I had to play with some technological goodies.

This was my first road trip since getting my amateur radio license (short trips to Sacramento not withstanding) and my Kenwood D710 was an excellent radio on the way.  I had it programed for the WIN Repeater System and had coverage pretty much the whole trip.  I also had several other repeaters programmed in and let the radio scan.  I had several good rag chews along the way.  Also I was very impressed with APRS digipeater coverage – my track was well represented.
The other tool that really impressed me was my iPad 2.  I activated 3G just before I left and it worked well along the way. And then in Palm Springs I had WiFi.  My goal for this trip was to see if I could make it without opening up my laptop up.  I pretty much met that goal.  I *did* use it a couple of times to check on pictures I had taken but it turns out that with the camera connection kit I could use my iPad for that too.  It looks like I might be able to leave my laptop home on my next vacation.  (If I can get over the separation anxiety.)
The last new toy I had with my was my new  Canon 60D.  The only problem with this camera is that I’m still learning how to compose good shots and whatnot…any failure there is strictly operator error.  I shot entirely in RAW format but haven’t played with the pics yet.  This hobby is a bit more complicated than I thought.  

The VX-3R is fly like a G6.

I finally broke down and bought one.

This little sucker has been taunting me every time I go into HRO.  It’s only 1.5 watts but it’s also VERY small and so I don’t have an excuse to not keep it on me.  Which means, I suppose, that I’ll have a radio on me more of the time.  Yeah, that’s sure to make me more cool.

HMR Week 4 – Won’t you take me to…Funkytown?

Another week, another 5 pounds.  That takes it to 25 pounds in 4 weeks.  Can’t really complain about that.

One thing I tried this week was making the HMR cereal as a savory dish.  So instead of water I made it on the stove with chicken stock, cumin, curry, and garlic.  It’s VERY tasty that way.  The cereal with cinnamon and Stevia was ok.  The cereal with the above spices is extremely tasty.  Who would of thought that “savory oatmeal” would end up being tasty?

HMR Week 3 – Return of the Mack

Week three had pretty good results.  First I got my 2000 calories of “PA” (physical activity – what HMR calls exercise) in.  Secondly I lost 5 pounds.  That takes my 3 week total to 20 pounds.  That’s not too bad.  I can live with those numbers.  I was once again “in the box” for 7 out of 7 days so it’s nice that I haven’t fallen off the wagon yet.

I have two basic concerns at this point:
  • I may be pushing the PA a bit too hard at this point and don’t want to aggrivate my knees or cause any harm – not sure how long I can keep this up.  (Although obviously as I keep losing this will become easier, hopefully.)
  • I’m falling asleep dreaming of food I can’t have.  That’s just not right.
Other than that it’s just going.  We’ll see how week 4 goes.

Drivers Wanted

This commercial came out right around the time I got my Jetta and boy did it make me feel cool like the cool people in these commercials. I will say that 14 years and 170,000 miles later I think I have gotten my money’s worth. I hope the R32 does as well. (It’s at 6 years and about 60,000 miles.)

Vitamin Water Zero – tasty beverage

Not only have I obivously dropped sodas with sugar from the diet, but I’m also trying to avoid carbonated beverages and see what that does.  For a long time I’ve enjoyed Propel, even in it’s new Propel Zero form, but I haven’t liked any other flavor than grape.  Now I’ve got a new zero-cal beverage that I like and it comes in many tasty flavors:

All the names are cutsey.  And they have little text on them trying to be cool and funny.  But hey…the stuff is tasty.  More so than the generic “grape” of the Propel I’ve been drinking.  I’m buying it where I can and stocking the fridge.

PB2 – Awesomesauce in a powder

So far I’ve only been having chocolate shakes on my diet, since fake vanilla has never really worked for me.  And I do like chocolate.  But having 3 shakes a day starts to get old pretty quick, so we’re given all sorts of suggestions on things we can add to the shakes that are still “in the box” – meaning that they’re safe for us to use.  I’ve tried some of the sugar-free Torani syrups and they’re just not really working for me combined with the chocolate.  
However we’ve got a new seasoning “in the box” and it’s crazygood:
Yeah, that’s right, powdered peanut butter.  It’s way lower in fat and calories than “regular” peanut butter.  1 serving is 2 tablespoons and is 45 calories.  However, I have found that only 2 teaspoons are necessary to turn a somewhat bland HMR shake into a frozen peanut butter cup.  I’m only using it once a day right now to avoid burning out on it, but if you like peanut butter (and I am rather fond of it) I bet there’s all sorts of things you could do with this stuff. 

HMR Week 2

Yeah, this is late.  

The good news: On the second week of the diet I was again “in the box” (meaning I didn’t cheat) all 7 days.  I even got in my first workout.
The bad news: I only lost 3 pounds.
Some folks might say “Hey, 3 pounds is good!”  And on a normal diet I would be happy with that.  However this diet isn’t “normal”.  It is supposedly so intense that I’m taking a drug to avoid gallstones because I’m supposed to lose weight so fast.  It’s so hardcore that I need to get blood work done every two weeks.  It’s expensive.  I was expecting better.
And here’s the thing – at 3 pounds a week average I will have to be on the plan an extra 7 months longer than the advertised (and hoped for) 5 pounds per week.  Now maybe that number was unreasonable to hope for but if it the diet ends up performing at a 3 pounds a week rate then that’s only 1 pound a week more than the “safe and sane” 2 pounds a week.  And I’m not sure that’s worth all the sacrifices necessary for this plan (such as having to carry their food with you everywhere, like on vacation).
I haven’t given up yet – I’ve committed to doing at least the “core program” which is 12 weeks.  And I have higher hopes for week 3, as I will have gotten in 3 workouts during the diet week.  (That’s the max I’m willing to do right now until I get more weight off and take stress off my knees.)  We’ll see how it goes.